A library that’s more than books

Walking on a pedestrian path near Denver’s downtown late at night, I almost walked right past this little gem of community art. It is a birdhouse-sized library of free books. The project started in Wisconsin in 2009, when a man simply put up a miniature wooden school house filled with books on his lawn as a tribute to his mother who loved to read. But … Continue reading A library that’s more than books

The mighty Mississippi

Driving from Chicago to Denver this month, I happened to end up in Davenport, Iowa for a late lunch. The city sits right on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi is not just any body of water, of course. Seeing it conjures up so much in my mind. I immediately think of Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn, our rich history, the chronicle of America’s hundreds of … Continue reading The mighty Mississippi

The holiday in disguise

Christmas is a holiday in disguise. We tell ourselves it is a religious holiday, an important calendrical event marking a pivotal moment in human history. And yet, we spend so little time actually celebrating that event – the birthday of Jesus. And, of course, we know through lots of scholarly research that December 25 is almost certainly not the actual date of Jesus’ birth. Sure, … Continue reading The holiday in disguise

Street puppets performance in Andersonville, Chicago.

Delighted by the old, in a world of the new

On a leisurely summer walk in the charming Chicago village neighborhood of Andersonville (it reminds me and others of Silver Lake in Los Angeles), I noticed a crowd gathered at a street corner. Kids, adults, twenty-somethings on smartphones – they all stopped dead in their tracks, put down their digital gadgets and looked up. The culprit: a slim upright box connected to a bicycle, some … Continue reading Delighted by the old, in a world of the new