A dying plant in Highland Park, on concrete-laden Figueroa Blvd.

The beauty of hope

Highland Park, whose busy Figueroa Blvd is pictured in the photo above, is an interesting relic of Los Angeles’ past. As with many similar neighborhoods in cities all around the country, it appears to be experiencing an urban Renaissance after decades of neglect and decay. It has a dignity to it, acquired through a century of existence and its once proud position as an important Western … Continue reading The beauty of hope

The mighty Mississippi

Driving from Chicago to Denver this month, I happened to end up in Davenport, Iowa for a late lunch. The city sits right on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi is not just any body of water, of course. Seeing it conjures up so much in my mind. I immediately think of Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn, our rich history, the chronicle of America’s hundreds of … Continue reading The mighty Mississippi