The bird that came to visit

When I think of nature, I rarely think of it as something that is all around us. I think of it as something I am apart from, not something I am immersed in.

This little bird came to remind me of the error in my thinking.

He appeared just outside my window on a tree branch. So close, it was as if I could reach out and touch him.

And it was a he. This is the male Northern Cardinal. A beautiful bird with such striking color that it is impossible to miss him – especially with his unique song. I hard heard it often outside my window, especially in the early morning, but only now had I finally put a face to the voice.

I was so intrigued with the mysterious bird with such a unique call, that I recorded his singing to try to identify it.

The Northern Cardinal is a common bird in North America. And yet, when he came near my window, it was the first time we had been introduced. How could I have missed him? That beautiful color. The sonorous song.

The little bird was teaching me something important. Nature isn’t far away. It is here among us. We are part of it. It is not foreign but reassuringly familiar.


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