Santa Monica Beach on Sunday afternoon, August, 2014

The Pacific Ocean

Santa Monica Beach on Sunday afternoon, August, 2014
Santa Monica Beach on Sunday afternoon, August, 2014

The Pacific Ocean is a marvel. Its waves crashing on the shore in Santa Monica, California are so loud, that they seem to wash away all human thoughts.

It is mesmerizing to look out into the horizon of the massive ocean – it is Earth’s largest and covers a third of the planet – and see nothing but water curve away from the sky at the distance. The two blues meeting, as if to envelope us within.

Did these beach-goers come to swim? Or to commune?

Santa Monica Beach has a terrible reputation, in that locals are weary of swimming in it – it carries the stigma of pollution. It is also, often, crowded with tourists. (Why we wouldn’t want to interact with people from other parts of the world, I don’t understand).

But this part of Santa Monica Beach, which is South of the famed Pier seen in the photo at a distance to the left, is slightly less ‘touristy’. It is usually more filled with locals everywhere from inland communities or from a few blocks away.

This part of Southern California’s coastline has become an Everyman’s Beach. A place where Southern Californians can reach easily without a long drive. It does not have the exclusivity of Malibu or the far-away other-world feel of more southern beaches.

It is here where the city comes together, where we all look out at that giant ocean, and for just a moment remember the grandness of this blue world. We let the loud waves drown out our thoughts. We walk barefoot on the warm sand, as if stepping on the comfortable plush carpeting of Mother Earth’s den.

And for those moments that we are there, it is as if we are returning home, allowing something primal to vibrate within our DNA – connecting with a past so ancient that it flows back to before we were in our current form.


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