What Oklahomans can teach us

Tornado disaster in Moore, Oklahoma
The destruction across the street from the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma.

I was in Oklahoma all last week, covering the tornado disaster in the city of Moore.

The devastation in Moore was unimaginable, and I cannot properly express the cruelty of Mother Nature that was on display there.

I filed multiple stories while there, including this one on how complicated and long the rebuilding process will be for people who’ve lost everything. I also filed my first-ever commentary on my observations in Oklahoma. You can hear it at the 24-minute mark on the May 28 edition of CNN Radio’s “News Day” program.

The commentary is the first time I talk about what I have learned from covering a story. In this case, the severe trauma of the Oklahoma tornado disaster taught me a lot about human nature, and the inherent goodness we are all capable of. It was inspiring to witness, and heartbreaking, as well.


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