The mysterious bonds among us

Chicago, IL
The view from the CNN Chicago Bureau headquarters in downtown Chicago

I recently moved from Los Angeles to Chicago. This was a big move, because I grew up in Los Angeles. My entire family is in L.A., as are all my friends and the only life I’ve grown up to know.

And yet, I could not wait to leave. I was excited to start anew, to explore a new city and meet new people.

Chicago is a great place to go if you’re looking for a vibrant new city to explore. It is one of the must stunningly beautiful cities in this country. There is breathtaking architecture, great history, and beautiful parks.

As a Los Angeleno, of course, I had a steep learning curve to the colder weather. I am still not used to it. And there is a huge cultural change between the cities. Chicagoans walk. They take the bus and the train. They seem little bothered by cold or rain. Some even find a light t-shirt and jeans perfect cover for rainy weather.

But despite all the new in my life, when the holidays came around, I could not wait to get back to Los Angeles and all that was old. I could not wait to see my family, both nuclear and extended (of close friends and loved ones).

To the core of my being, and I suspect all human beings, there is an instinctual need to connect, and re-connect, with those we love. To affirm the bonds that ground us. Returning to Los Angeles, and spending time with those I love, is a rejuvination of the spirit.

What is that mysterious power that keeps us wanting more of each other? Perhaps it is one of life’s mysteries that will forever remain just that.

Is it any wonder that during the holiday when we celebrate – essentially – love amongst people, that we hunger to feel the loving bonds that are familiar to us. So many of us travel, often battling traffic and canceled flights, such great distances just for the chance to be in close proximity with those with love. And it is this holiday that prompts us, as it reminds us of the loving bonds we’ve known.

I hope that with each reconnection between us, we forget a little slower the love we rekindle. So that, with time, perhaps we may manage not to forget at all. If we all manage to do this, just imagine what a world we can live in.


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