The question of race, identity

The past couple of months I have been working on a new Los Angeles-based project of Radio Bilingue, the Spanish-language public broadcasting service. Radio Bilingue is trying to start a new English-language service in Los Angeles, called L.A. Public Media, that would serve young people with immigrant and minority backgrounds – mainly Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians.

We have had many fascinating discussions during editorial meetings – surrounding issues of culture, race, identity, equality, assimilation, class divisions, economic disparities, and many other topics surrounding Los Angeles’ rich ethnic and racial tapestry.

To my delight, we have found a lot of similarities among experiences, as well as fascinating differences. We’ve also found that geographical differences profoundly impact the lives, experiences and perceptions of people in L.A.

It has been a fascinating journey, and we are continuing it.

One of the stories I’m working on currently is the illegal immigration debate as it pertains to the children of those who come to the U.S. without proper documentation. There’s a grassroots movement starting to raise awareness of the plight of these children, and to push for the passage of The Dream Act.

We’ve also recently completed a fun video story about what constitutes ‘real Mexican food.’

More to come!


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