Latino youth hope beyond their means

A study released today by the Pew Hispanic Center, which looks at young Latinos in America, shows reasons for optimism and cause for concern.

Young Latinos are doing better than their previous generation and are aspiring toward more prosperity. They are often focused on education and career success. However, the study finds they are also likely surrounded by poverty, gangs, and violence, are more likely than other groups to drop out of school, and latino teens are more likely to become pregnant.

More on the study here: Pew Hispanic Center.

The New York Times put the study in excellent context
, writing that it could be a glimpse at the concerns, needs and aspirations of the upcoming majority in America – and therefore a glimpse at the future America itself. And that glimpse shows a shifting, less conservative Latino majority, as the increasingly U.S.-born children of Latino immigrants both assimilate American culture and look for solutions to their social needs.


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