The Miss California quandry

The current Miss California may lose her crown tomorrow – pending the decision of none other than Donald Trump. And I find myself wondering how to think of this story.

At one level, this whole beauty pageant industry seems an anachronism that has little to do with today’s world. But for better or worse, this young lady has now reached some level of celebrity and she is listened to.

Should she have not spoken out about her views opposing gay marriage? To punish her for that would seem strange since most politicians have said the same thing – including almost all of the presidential candidates last year.

Of course, officially, she may lose her crown for posing in scantily clad, suggestive poses. But don’t the contestants come just shy of doing the same thing in the swimsuit portion of the pageant?

I’m left a little confused as to what the controversy is about. And being a Californian, I have not heard anyone I know speak of the issue in a way that might actually impact their life in any tangible way.

So why are news outlets paying any attention to this story? I’m confused.


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