Condi Rice on Yahoo! News

We conducted an interview with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday, which was published on Thursday morning.

Interestingly, the early ‘ratings’ show that viewers were most interested in the video clip about Condi’s Hollywood crush (Denzel Washington), in context with a number of other clips dealing with Iran, nuclear proliferation, Iraq, Russia, global oil issues, and allegations that the White House forged a document related to its case for invading Iraq.

So why were our readers most interested in Condi’s Hollywood crush?

In fact, that question may not be right, because I’m not convinced that that is what our readers were more interested in. This is the conundrum with online journalism. In order to get people to a story, it has to be something that grabs attention with as few words as possible, and offers a strong incentive for viewers to click through. So, a headline alluding to Condi’s ‘crush’ and offering a reveal of who it is once a reader clicks through, is going to be hard to resist. Not so much for a headline talking about Iran policy.


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