Saddam tells all

In our latest Y! News 60 Minutes segment, we have extensive excerpts from an interview with the FBI interrogator who got into Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein’s head after his capture, and got Saddam to provide revealing information into his own thinking.

The comments on this segment page have been vociferous and lively. Saddam remains a polarizing figure even after his death. In the first half of the day when we first published this segment, we had already amassed some 2,400 comments.

One of the most interesting aspects of the story was that the interrogator had to convince Saddam that the interrogator reported directly to the president. Had Saddam known he was only a field agent, the interrogator said he would likely have thought the agent too far beneath him to talk to him.

Also interesting: Saddam seems to have predicted that a low-grade, guerrilla insurgency campaign would result from the prolonged U.S. occupation of Iraq. The agent says Saddam asked his armed forces to hold out for two weeks against American forces. After that, he reportedly said, the war would enter a different phase.


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