Roger Clemens

. . .63% of our readers said they didn’t believe Clemens. . .

Rarely have I seen the subject of a news conference be as emotional as Roger Clemens was today. It seems the baseball star’s frustration stemmed not only in the allegations of steroid use, but also in his belief that no matter what he did or said – his good name would never again be restored.

During his interview with “60 Minutes” on Sunday, parts of which we published on the Yahoo! News 60 Minutes site, Clemens said as much – that no matter what he does to clear his name, it may never be enough for some people.

And perhaps he’s right. We published a poll on the “60 Minutes” Clemens story page – and 63% of our readers said they didn’t believe Clemens. That compares to 80% in a poll conducted by

So it seems that while telling his side of the story on “60 Minutes” helped Clemens, it was – indeed – not enough. Why that is, is a question far too complicated for me to answer. But I think it’s part of the complicated predicament that Roger Clemens finds himself in.


3 thoughts on “Roger Clemens

  1. who are the 37% morons out there????

    Pretty pathetic taht anyone would belive that a college athlete was clean, let alone an obvious doper.

    Cow blood IV Nike fueled Lance Phamrstrong and Roger Roid Clemens are too super steroid cheats from Texas.

    Much like Vince Young, Earl Campbell, Michael Irvin, Try Aikman and Roger Staubach..

  2. Fraud is not passion.

    It is how Disney, GE, Viaocm, Nescorp and Time Warner make the payroll, collect $200 BILLION per year in advertising revenues and BILLIONS in profit.

    Steroids = MONEY!!!!!!!

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