Presidential candidate names

Does the name of the presidential candidate matter? It’s an interesting question posed by my favorite TV commentator, Andy Rooney, in his latest essay posted on the Y! News 60 Minutes site.

Rooney has made me realize that perhaps I’m not the only one who does the sound test: “President Huckabee. . . President Obama. . . do those have a ring to them?”


2 thoughts on “Presidential candidate names

  1. Should they have to have rings to them? I find it obsurd that the name of a candidate should matter in the least. Should it not matter more who the better person for the office would be? Not that that issue seems to matter anymore.

  2. That’s a fair point, of course. Hopefully, if we find ourselves asking that question in our own minds, it will remind a mere rumination, and not play a part in decision-making. After all, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get used to Governor Schwarzenegger – but now, that phrase just trips off my tongue.

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