JFK anniversary

. . . we continue to see very strong interest in searches for JFK conspiracy theories.

I published today a Yahoo! News special package that combines 60 Minutes stories from throughout the years that are related to the JFK assassination. This is a very interesting package, because it not only takes a look at some of the key people involved that day, but also addresses how the secret service has changed its training in response to the JFK assassination.

It is also stunning to watch an interview from 1975, in which secret service agent Clint Hill appears completely beside himself over failing to make it in time to get in front of the bullet that killed the president. It’s also interesting to note that Hill addresses the conspiracy theories by saying flatly that there were three shots and, he’s convinced, one gunman. This is the angle with which we are leading our promotion of this segment on the Yahoo! front page, because we continue to see very strong interest in searches for JFK conspiracy theories.

But the segment has more to offer, and tomorrow on the Yahoo! News homepage, we will do a more comprehensive promotion – above the fold on the news homepage – addressing the fact that our segment has interviews with people who were actually right there in the car or just next to the car, when JFK was shot.

Another interesting note: The secret service has changed the way it trains because of the JFK assassination. It now has a fake city outside of Washington D.C., where they practice an attack on the presidential motorcade.


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