Blogworld and the rest of the world

Last week, I was at a conference of bloggers in Las Vegas known as the Blogworld Expo, attended by a cross-section of Internet professionals and amateurs – as well as the peripheral professionals such as marketers and public relations agents who deal with bloggers.

It seemed that one thing everyone had in common was that no one had all the answers to the Internet puzzle – what do readers want, what should bloggers be doing, is blogging a profession or a hobby, and at what point is a blogger a journalist and a journalist a blogger?

Those were the philosophical questions.

The bread and butter discussions revolved around how to make money, syndication, marketing, and public relations. Amazing how blogging sounds more and more like a typical business – facing similar economic challenges. Also, bloggers were grappling with many of the same questions journalists have constantly addressed – whether or not to reveal confidential sources, how to prevent or understand influences from sponsors, when and how to be transparent and forthright with readers, etc.

Many of the proposed answers and suggestions offered at the conference were practices that businesses and journalists already employ. Which reminded me of how young the Internet really is; how much there is still to figure out. And how much as a young adolescent medium, the Internet is still figuring out the basic ways of the world that its adult brethren already understand.

Will the Internet change the world, undoubtedly it already has. But it seems that the world is changing the Internet, as well.

By the way, most, if not all. of the bloggers at the conference wrote about it, and many in real-time during the Blogworld Expo. So, if you want specific information about what was discussed by whom, I’m sure it’s all documented online!


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