Animals or people?

We had an interesting phenomenon a couple of weeks ago, during our coverage of the devastating Southern California wildfires.

On one day, I produced an interactive on evacuees who were staying at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. On the next day, I produced an interactive on animals who were being sheltered due to the fires.

Both interactives were featured at the same place on Yahoo! News’ front page and both were featured around the same time during the day. Interestingly, the interactive about the animal victims got twice as many views as the interactive about human victims.

I’m not sure what that tells us, but I thought it was rather interesting.


2 thoughts on “Animals or people?

  1. It is no different than the excessive hype over Michael Vick’s dog fighting issues. People were protesting and crying and freaking out–but if an NFL, NBA or MLB player beats his wife/girlfriend or fathers his 17th illegitimate child–no biggie.

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