Sting, the musician, is the subject of a Yahoo! News 60 Minutes profile tomorrow. We will publish the profile at 4pm Pacific time. Among the video, we get a peek at Sting’s life at his country estate in England and find out about his attitudes towards monogamy and ‘tantric sex.’

I brushed by Sting once, during a gala benefit concert at the Los Angeles Opera. A number of guest artists were performing at the invitation of LA Opera’s director, the famous tenor Placido Domingo. Sting was one of them. He was there with a very small entourage – only a handful of other people. And he kept very much to himself. I remember thinking that he seemed extremely hesitant to interact with other people.

And yet, when you watch the 60 Minutes story on him, he seems charming, affable and friendly. This is one of the trickiest parts of journalism. By the very nature of being there, you are injecting yourself into a story and therefore polluting it. So, is it ever possible to truly get at the truth?


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