in line for an iPhone

adding to the media frenzy

A colleague and I yesterday went down to the Apple store at Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. We interviewed the few people that had already gotten in line to get an iPhone, and put together this interactive feature.

Yes, we piled on to the relentless iPhone coverage. But, hopefully, we did it with a little bit more fun.

There were several firsts for me with this piece. Most importantly, it was the first time I directly injected myself into the story for a Yahoo! News interactive feature. Normally, I’m not comfortable doing that. In this case, I think it was the only way to tell the story we needed to tell, and to do it in a compelling way.
Another first: it was the first time I work with a photographer on one of these interactives! Yahoo! News photo editor Michelle Barnes accompanied me on the assignment, and took photos while I conducted the interviews. It was new territory and it was fantastic! I’m hoping we’ll be able to partner up more often.


2 thoughts on “in line for an iPhone

  1. Hi Teo,

    The recorder I used was an M-Audio Microtrack hard-disk recorder. It’s very small and portable, and records on a flash card. The audio files can then be transfered directly onto a computer to be edited and put together.

    The M-Audio records at a fairly high quality with very low output dynamic microphones – such as the omni-directional mic I was using that day out in the field.

    However, the recorder doesn’t do well with high-output condenser mics, such as higher level shotgun mics, etc.

    Hope that helps!


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