Star Wars and the Duke Case

bloodybattle16, originally uploaded by bonniegrrl.

If you work at Lucasfilm and spend all your day thinking about Star Wars, what would you do for fun? Well, for the latest post on Yahoo! News Underground, our host Brad Miskell found someone who writes for, and during her breaks at work she poses Star Wars action figures in battle scenes.

Brad contacted her on Friday, and did a quick email interview. I wrote up the story, picked a few photos, and edited the Q&A into a fun little ‘blog post’ on Underground.

All this made my Friday a very strange one, as I alternated between this quirky Star Wars story and preparations for a story this weekend in which 60 Minutes will air exclusive interviews with the Duke lacrosse players against whom all rape and assualt charges were dismissed this past week. We also published an advance preview clip on from that story on Friday.

I found the advance preview clip extraordinary, as was the press conference held earlier this week, because the Attorney General who reexamined the Duke case was so very unequivocal and severe in his criticism of the Durham district attorney. Usually, you would expect more measured statements from a lawyer – especially one in such a high-level position.

But the attorney general did not hold back, calling the district attorney’s actions in the Duke rape case “offensive.” The attorney general also said the D.A. was a “rogue” prosecutor acting with unchecked authority.

Very strong and sobering words. And ones that raise a bit of a nightmarish scenario – the idea that we all may be similarly susceptible to the unchecked powers of prosecutors.


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