Yahoo! News Underground

I’ve been working as part of the team of people who are producing Yahoo! News’ latest (and most visible in the past year and half) originally-produced project. It’s called “Underground” and it’s been a heck of a ride getting it launched. It was basically like launching a whole new Web site from (almost) scratch.

Yahoo! News Underground is different than anything else I’ve ever done as a news producer. We have a host who drops in on odd cultures, interesting folks, and mini-communities, and reports what he finds with humor and song. Brad Miskell, the host, actually writes an original song and our team produces a music video for each of the stories. What I like about Brad’s perspective is that even though he’s funny and fun, he’s never mean or mean-spirited with regards to the people he covers.

The first story we launched with was about sci-fi conventions. The next one will be about extreme motor racing – drifting the most popular among them. And then after that – it’s gay rodeo.

It’s not conventional news storytelling by any means.


One thought on “Yahoo! News Underground

  1. Here’s an update on this post! My colleagues and I have been pretty excited about all the attention out in the blog-o-sphere that this new site has been generating. Here’s one of our favorite metions – on a ZDNet blog.

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