Chinese New Year

long-promo.jpg My editor has been wanting interactive features that more closely respond to the news. So, since Lunar New Year started this past weekend and celebrations continue for two weeks, I was assigned to do a feature on it.

That was a very broad assignment, and for a little while I struggled to figure out what angle to take and what story to tell. But then, I ran across the image (seen in the graphic above) of a Chinese dragon covered in snow. It was the city of Butte, Montana’s 2006 Chinese New Year parade. After I saw that photo, I KNEW I had to tell that story.

I lucked out with this piece, because the town’s historical preservation group was very friendly and helpful, and they sent me lots of photos and even a video (although too late to incorporate into the piece). Fortunately, a person who attended last year’s celebration had taken lots of photos, too, and had some video uploaded on her blog. She gave me permission to use all of her material and I was able to incorporate the audio from her video – so that the feature has both the sights AND the sounds of Butte, Montana’s Chinese New Year parade.

This was a fun one, after all the previous ones being so much more serious and full of weighty subject matter.


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