Finding love

For Valentines Day, we published a 60 Minutes segment called “Love in the 21st Century.” It’s all about the different ways people now try to find love – from Internet dating sites catering to specific groups, to a $25,000-a-client matchmaker who seems to epitomize everything that is wrong with us as a people trying to connect with other people, to social dating events such as ‘dating in the dark’ and “Table for Six” group dating.

If there has ever been a 60 Minutes segment that has trully surprised me like no other, it is this one. I had no idea that it had become this difficult, for some people at least, to connect with others. There seems to be so many layers of separation between the people featured in this segment, and they all seem to be genuinely interested in ripping those layers down. All the different dating methods attest to that, and yet, it’s almost as if those methods aren’t the complete means to the end.

It almost seems like these folks are stuck in a frustrating paradox that is hard to put into words. It’s a forecast of something that perhaps we will all face someday – a growing frustration over a changing world that is altering the paradigms of how we connect with each other.


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